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Peter and Catherine

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

I met Peter and Catherine the day my husband and I went to meet our Australian Shepherd dog Bobby for the first time (you may have seen him on the socials or in the shop!). They themselves are big dog people and have two Australian Shepherds (and four other doggos!), including a half sister of Bobby. When they asked me to do the flowers and photography for their wedding, I was super excited! The day was iffy with the weather and the ceremony was being held on their newly purchased property that's yet to have the house built, so we were really hoping the rain would let up for just enough time! It was clear when we started setting up the arch but as I was putting the flowers in, it really started to come down heavy so I had to try to get as much done as I could with the rain dripping all over my face, which is not the most fun thing to do haha. I quickly did what I could then we hid undercover for a while and got my cameras ready to shoot, then right before Catherine was due to arrive, the rain stopped! Then during the ceremony, the sun even came out to give us some really beautiful winter afternoon light. The photographer in me was stoked and we got some really beautiful photos in the bushland after the ceremony. The flowers used were peonies, sahara roses, freesias, carnations, waxflower, wattle and eucalyptus. The arch piece was made on site to avoid the use of any floral foam. Scroll down for a snippet of their day!

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